Go and Make Disciples!

Most Christians desire to be faithful to Jesus’ command to “make disciples,” (Matthew 28:19-20) yet few have been taught how. This 40 lesson Bible study and accompanying materials are intended to help in the work of maturing and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ across the globe.

If you’re a new believer or are just exploring Jesus, welcome! This site has resources and tools to help all believers grow, no matter how long they’ve walked with Jesus. We’re glad you’re here! Click Here to See The Good News 

Watch the video below to see what how the Gospel Tool Bible Study grows discipleship:

The Gospel Tool will help all who long to…

  • Mature as a Beloved Disciple

    Invest significant time establishing practices that will deepen your intimacy with the Lord.

  • Understand the Gospel of the Kingdom

    Learn how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection fits into the bigger picture of the Kingdom of God.

  • Grow Passion for Making Disciples

    Gain skills and experience in sharing the Gospel. Use these tools to help others begin and grow in their faith.

How People Have Been Impacted By The Gospel Tool

Rev. Cody Zuiderveen

The Gospel Tool Bible Study equips the church to go deeply and widely into the Word of God. The clear Biblical teaching, given in the context of personal study and group discipleship, helped me grow more as a disciple of Christ and has served as a valuable resource in my ministry as I disciple others.”

Kayleen Jasperse, Worship Leader

“The Gospel Tool Bible Study is a great resource for deepening our understanding of the gospel and growing as Spirit-led disciples of Jesus. I have always felt timid about sharing the gospel, and while I still have room to grow in this area, I feel more confident and equipped to share with others what God has done for me.”

“I also found the self-assessment tool to be especially valuable, as it helped me identify specific areas of discipleship I needed to be strengthened in so I could follow Jesus more fully. It was so encouraging to notice how I was growing in those areas over the course of the study!”

Alida Terpstra

“It was the best Scriptural study that I have ever encountered! The study brought me closer to God and encouraged me to memorize scripture.”

Nancy VanNoord

I loved, loved, loved The Gospel Tool Bible Study; it was well organized and systematically laid out. It is an invaluable life-time resource for growing as disciples of Jesus.

Derek Sterenberg

“I was craving a genuine, authentic, Christ-centered community. The Lord helped us go really deep.”

Marissa Walters

“Growing up as a Christian, I knew what the gospel is and who Jesus is in my head, but the gospel message feels fresh and new. I feel called to be an evangelist. I have been engaging more boldly and with a heart of love when sharing the gospel with those who do not yet know Him.”

Jessica Zuiderveen

I sense more urgency to help our kids learn the Word.”

Brittany Clark

“I feel prepared to move forward in ministry because of participating in this study.”

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