The Gospel Tool

Welcome to The Gospel Tool website! Most Christians desire to be faithful to Jesus’ command to “make disciples,” (Matthew 28: 19-20) yet few have been taught how. This material is intended to help mature and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ across the globe. If you’re a new believer or are just exploring Jesus, welcome! This site has resources and tools to help all believers, new to mature, grow. We’re glad you’re here!

While there are many ingredients involved in successful disciple making and growing as a disciple, the following five are absolute essentials:

  • Obedience to Jesus Christ
  • Sensitivity to and welcome of the Holy Spirit’s work
  • Scripture study
  • A growing prayer life
  • Christian community

With these essentials as a foundation, the Gospel Tool and Bible Study emphasizes the good news of the Kingdom of God, deepens biblical literacy, and nurtures a vibrant and growing relationship with God, while preparing each participant to disciple others. Below are links to navigate this page:

Visual Gospel

The Visual Gospel is a tool that is useful for our own discipleship, and for sharing the Gospel with others. It gives an easy way to share the gospel in its fullness from creation to Christ’s return. If you are a new believer or exploring faith in Jesus, this is a great place to start!

Gospel Tool

The Gospel Tool and accompanying Bible Study is a 40 unit discipleship tool, intended to mature and multiply disciples, it can be used in small groups, triads or 1:1. Some samples and resources are downloadable.


There are several downloadable resources that accompany the Gospel Tool, such as:

  • Self Assessment Tool
  • Discipler’s Training Packet
  • Sermon Planning Guide
  • Promotional Materials (including sample pack)