Gospel Tool Completion Celebration-


We each desire to be faithful to Jesus’ command to “make disciples,” and so we’ve been on an incredible journey together over the last year working our way through The Gospel Tool Bible Study. This has been a way to help us mature and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ. We know that while there may be many ingredients involved in successful disciple making, the following five are absolute essentials:
  • Obedience to Jesus Christ
  • Awareness of the Holy Spirit’s work
  • Scripture study
  • A growing prayer life, and…
  • Christian community
With these essentials as a foundation, the Gospel Tool Bible Study has provided a context for emphasizing the Good News of the Kingdom of God, deepening biblical literacy, and nurturing a vibrant and growing relationship with God, while preparing each of us to disciple others.
Our vision, moving forward, is that each of us will prayerfully ask: “God, who might I/we ask to go on a journey of growing as a follower of Jesus Christ? Who might I/we study the Gospel Tool with? Since we’ve each completed the study, leading someone else through it wouldn’t require nearly as much work as the first time through, though we expect each person will continue to grow deeper in Jesus as we engage the material afresh.
Once again, our vision is for each of us to be equipped with the tools to disciple another person towards maturity in Christ Jesus, preparing them to also be able to disciple in the future. We’re trying to create a context for maturing and multiplying, even and especially as we earnestly pray that God reconnect us with our neighborhood!
Let’s Celebrate! Sundays: October 17 & 24

Since our Gospel Tool Bible Study and sermon series will come to a close on October 10, we will spend the next two Sundays celebrating and setting the stage for what’s next in our discipleship journey. On Sunday October 17, we will come together and joyfully celebrate what the Lord has done in lives during this year of discipleship. Please ask the Lord if he has something for you to share, as we love hearing testimonies of how He’s working, no matter how big or small. On Sunday October 24, we will consecrate ourselves and have an opportunity to ask the Lord what’s next, as we enter into the multiplying phase. We feel like this is a pivotal moment in our Church’s history, and we are so glad you are a part of it! Please put this on your calendar and don’t miss it!


Knowing the Gospel is key to being a disciple of Jesus. As we seek to grow as disciples who make disciples, we have created two related tools to help us all grow as and make disciples.

The Visual Gospel overview, statements, & scriptures:

The Visual Gospel is a visual tool which presents a summary of the Gospel in picture form. This is a tool that we hope can be used to easily remember and share the Gospel story, which we find through all of Scripture.

Click here to download the PDF of the Visual Gospel.

 The Gospel Tool (40 Thought Units).

We have also developed a more in depth discipleship tool that we call The Gospel Tool. Our current sermon series is written in connection to and alongside this tool, and Discipleship Groups at Gold Avenue Church are working through 40 lessons that go along with the sermons and the Gospel Tool. These sermons can be found here: Gospel Tool Sermons. The accompanying sermons are numbered to correspond with the numbers found in the various paragraphs of the Gospel Tool.

Click Here to download the PDF.